Shipping INFO

Shipping Prices 
$0.01 – $6.99=$4.95 
$7.00 – $24.99=$6.95 
$25.00 – $60.99=$8.50 
$61.00 – $74.99=$9.25
$75 and up is FREE SHIPPING!

We love to give great deals on vinyl and share our profits with our customers, but with great deals comes a little bit of a wait time. Please allow 2-3 weeks on 2 for 1 sales, or any crazy low price sales that we run for us to get it labeled and shipped out to you. This is due to the volume of orders that we receive from our sales that we run. IF YOU NEED ITEMS QUICK, DO NOT ORDER FROM THE SALES WE RUN! SALE ITEMS WILL NOT SHIP QUICK! A $5 cancellation fee will be charged. No changes to orders, once the order is placed. This applies to all sales we run, unless it is said otherwise!

You must enter the correct shipping address the item will ship to. We WILL NOT change shipping addresses! If the item is sent back to us, due to the lack of providing a valid shipping address you will have to pay for shipping again.

Oracal 651 12"x5ft rolls will ship in 3-5 business days, IF THAT IS THE ONLY THING IN YOUR ORDER, nothing else.

An email will be sent to you with tracking information and updates in Facebook Messenger, if you have that feature enabled for your orders. 

Business days are Monday-Friday, 8-5pm, Saturday and Sundays are NOT BUSINESS DAYS.

We try to mail out orders, as quickly as possible because we know you need the vinyl for orders. Please order your items in advance, so there is no confusion on shipping. We DO NOT offer express shipping, due to the amount of orders every day.

63 Color packs bundles will have a 12-15 business days. If your order includes either, it will be delayed! If you need the other items sooner and can wait for the bundle, please purchase them SEPARATELY! 

Time spent replying, is time spent away from fulfilling orders! Please understand that we want to get your order as quick as possible and that is why we have this policy in place. If you message before the business days are up, we will move your order to the back of the line of orders.